Posted October 4, 2016

Instagram Takeover with North Borders

From the rooftops to the bowels of the Labyrinth underneath Fed Square, Instagrammer North Borders snapped photos in the most hidden-away places for his takeover of Fed Square’s Instagram account.

Each month Fed Square allows one of Melbourne’s most popular Instagrammers to take of the Fed Square Instagram account – giving you the opportunity to see the Square through their eyes.

As part of the Takeover, North Borders was taken to the spaces usually closed to the public including the rooftop of Transport Hotel, the rooftop beehives on to of the Alfred Deakin Building and inside the underground passive-cooling system called, the Labyrinth.

North Borders shares what it was like spending the week at Fed Square.

What was it like taking pictures at Fed Square?
It was an incredible experience! I’ve always wondered what the view would be like from up there and now I finally got to see it for myself.

What was your favourite spot in the Square to photograph?
My favourite spot in Fed Square would have to be the rooftop that looks over Flinders Street Station, that was a remarkable view that very few people get to see.

What did you learn about Fed Square that you didn’t know before the Takeover?
I learned how the air-conditioning worked with the passive cooling system underground, The labyrinth. It intakes air from the Yarra River side which cools as it passes through the maze of concrete walls and then this cool air rises up into The Atrium . I had no idea about that. It was pretty neat to learn about Fed Square’s little secrets.

How long have you been using Instagram?
I’ve been using Instagram for almost 2 years now, but only became serious about the way my feed looks about a year ago. I now make sure all my colours match and look visually pleasing.

What do you like about Instagram versus other social media platforms?
Instagram lets you connect to other artists easier than other social networks. This makes it easy to share inspiration and knowledge with each other. I’ve met some of my now best friends through Instagram and I’m sure I still have many more to meet!

You can see all of North Borders’ photos on Instagram with #FedSquareTakeover

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