Posted April 28, 2015

Fed Square commissioned Paper Planet takes New York

Fed Square commissioned work, Paper Planet by Polyglot Theatre will be presented in New York City next month.

Paper Planet was commissioned by Fed Square’s Creative Program for Puppets at Fed Square in 2011, transforming Deakin Edge (formerly BMW Edge) into an out-of-this-world paper wonderland.


Using only tape and paper and an ambient atmosphere created through sound and lighting, children created a paper planet of trees, creatures and costumes, with all the complexity and chaos only children can dare to create.


A live soundscape also transported children and their families further into the world of delightful paper creatures and objects.


Paper Planet is a flexible site-specific work that can be adapted to fit a variety of spaces. The Deakin Edge indoor theatre at Fed Square was particularly suited to the work with its high ceiling that allowed for tall trees to be constructed and incredible acoustics that amplified the forest soundscape.

Presented in Korea last year, Paper Planet will take over The Duke on 42nd Street, New York City from 30 May – 7 June 2015.


Polyglot Theatre has presented a number of projects with Fed Square, including co-producing an interactive roving performance called Ants in 2012. Watch the video below to see the human-sized ants bringing children together in a gentle and unusual landscaping project.

Polyglot Theatre will return to Fed Square in July to present their new work, BOATS for the school holidays! Stay tuned for further details.